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Laura Juo-Hsin Chen    Tel +1.626.905.9397    Brooklyn, NYC, USA


An artist, interaction designer, and experience developer, who aspires to create emotional impacts and communications through multimedia, in a lighthearted way. Both designing and programming, I connect the physical and virtual world, and create 3D experiences including game, and virtual reality (See Portfolio).


VR Developer | OONI, Planeta; NY, US, Oct 2016 – Current
‧ Experimenting various virtual reality (vr) experience in OONI of Planeta, a product R+D studio working on creative applications.

Research Resident | NYU – ITP; NY, US, Aug 2015 – May 2016
‧ Carrying out self-driven research in the space of approachable multi-user experience with physical interaction. Teaching students, carrying out workshops, organizing events.

Lab Fellow | The Economist – Media Lab; NY, US, July 2015 – March 2016
‧ New product development, prototyping editorial pieces using vr.

Programmer | Forbes - Under 30 Summit; Jerusalem, Israel, March 2016
‧ Assisted camera animation of a live synced vr concert for director David Lobser.

Programmer | Grand Central Terminal Vanderbilt Hall & Time Squares; NY, US, Feb 17 – 19 2016
‧ Programmed a carriage vr experience moved by physical rope for a public exhibition "HelloKongz".

Programmer | American Museum of Natural History - Exhibition Dept.; NY, US, Oct – Nov 2015
‧ Assisted the interactive table display of the exhibition The Secret World Inside You.

Fabricator | Holojam - Ken Perlin; NY, US, Summer 2015
‧ Fabricated head-mounted and wrist wrapped trackers for OptiTrack cameras. The vr project made it’s debut in SIGGRAPH 2015 (press).

Animator | NYU – Global Technology Service; NY, US, Sep 2014 – Aug 2015
‧ Translated academic teaching materials into internet accessible animations.

Student Researcher | NYU – ITP; NY, US, Oct 2014 – May 2015
‧ Created 3D Characters for performers to control with Kinect, part of professor Shawn Van Every's project in Future of Storytelling.

Creative Intern | The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Media Lab; NY, US, Jan 2014 – May 2014
‧ Created Met Virtual Tour, a virtual experience throughout the museum with Oculus Rift and official audio guide.

VFX Artist | Cheer Digiart Co.; Taipei, Taiwan, 2012 – 2013
‧ Created special effects for 3D animation series Paddle Pop, and movie Control (HK), using Maya and Nuke.


Daily Life VR, a WebVR series about some of life’s most basic and essential pursuits. (Ch.1 Poop)
‧ Talk | Software For Artists Day; Pioneer Works, NY, US, Jan 22 2017
‧ Talk | WEIRD REALITY: Head-Mounted Art && Code; CMU, US, Oct 7 2016
‧ Exhibit | VR Salon; Pittsburgh, US, Oct 6 - 9 2016

Tram, an installation ticket booth, which provides customized virtual reality tram journey. (Playthrough video)
‧ Showcase | Exploring Future Reality; NYC Media Lab, NY, US, Nov 5 2015
‧ Featured project | The Internet Yami-Ichi; NY, US, Sep 12 2015

MASK, a collection of masks that provides multi-user virtual reality experiences. (Press cover) (Intro video)
‧ Exhibit | IndieCade East - Strange Arcade; Museum of the Moving Image, NY, US, Apr 29 – May 1 2016
‧ Showcase | World Maker Faire New York; NY, US, Sep 26 – 27 2015
‧ Showcase | NYC Media Lab's Annual Summit; NY, US, Sep 25 2015
‧ Showcase | Google Geek Street Fair; NY, US, May 28 2015
‧ Featured project | Experiments in Storytelling, ITP + Google; NY, US, May 27 2015
‧ Featured project | 2015 Spring Show of ITP; NY, US, May 2015
‧ Showcase | NYC Computer Science Opportunity Fair, held by Microsoft; Columbia University, US, March 2015

Mare, a virtual reality journey throughout different layers of dreams, with Oculus Rift and webpage versions. (Playthrough video)
‧ Accepted | The NYC Arcade, Installation / Virtual; Microsoft, NY, US, Jan 15 2015
‧ Featured project | 2014 Winter Show of ITP; NY, US, Dec 2014

Rabbit Hole, a web-based 3D journey exploring different emotions “down the rabbit hole”. (Playthrough video)
‧ Showcase | NYC Media Lab's Annual Summit; NY, US, Sep 19 2014
‧ Featured project | 2014 Spring Show of ITP; NY, US, May 2014

MICRO, an interactive sound installation of an artist Aaron SherwoodI assisted building.
‧ Installation | Burning Man; Nevada, US, Aug 2014

Tune In, Tune Out, a web app translating the surrounding sound into a musical landscape. Made with Jeff Ong.
‧ Featured projects | 2014 Spring Show of ITP; NY, US, May 2014

Glitchtchtchitch, a live installation glitching viewers’ faces with sound distortion.
Dope Rope, a musical instrument with various ropes. Made with Billy Dang.
‧ Featured projects | 2013 Winter Show of ITP; NY, US, Dec 2013


Finalist | IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling; International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, NL, Nov 2016
Tzina: Symphony of Longing, a poetic, interactive virtual reality documentary in which the residents of the run-down Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv muse on their lives, loves, longing and loneliness. Made with director Shirin Anlen and amazing Israeli team.

Finalist | IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling; International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, NL, Nov 2015
RecoVR: Mosul, a Collective Reconstruction, a virtual reality journalism piece by The Economist Media Lab. Bringing the historical collection back to life, and also shedding lights on ISIL’s war on cultural heritage. Made with Ziv Schneider.

Finalist | Student Design Challenge: Tangible Remote Controls, 9th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction; Stanford University, US, 2015
Lightbob, an intuitive wirelessly controller for smart lighting systems, for example, the Philip Hue Light. Made with Billy Dang.

Semifinalist | Adobe Design Achievement Awards contest, Game Art and Design, Global, 2014

Finalist | Fusion Film Festival Animation Competition, NY, US, 2014
Selected to screen | 7th International Animation Festival Fest Anca; Žilina, Slovakia, 2014
Butter, a 01:27 stop-motion animation about a cube of butter. Made with Kate Godwin.

Scholarship | Tisch School of Art Department Fellowship, NYU, NY, US, 2013 – 2015


New York University – Tisch – Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) – Master Degree, NY, US, Sep 2013 – May 2015

Institute for Information Industry – 3D Animation Elite Program, Taipei, Taiwan, March – Oct 2012

National Taiwan University – Finance – Bachelor Degree, Taipei, Taiwan 2005 – 2009

Skills and Interests

Languages: Javascript, C#, C++, HTML, CSS

Frameworks: Three.js, Node.js, Openframeworks, Processing, P5.js

Physical Systems: Arduino, Eagle, customized printed circuit board (PCB), radios

Softwares: Unity3D, Maya, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator

‧ Doodle, GIF, mask, piano, and FOOD